Net Zero Eastham

A3 Architects designed a new net-energy zero 2-bedroom home on an existing 19,000 SF lot in Eastham.  The existing house, an 800 SF cottage on the site, was unconditioned and unable to be added onto. The new residence is broken into three masses. There’s a main house containing living dining kitchen and master bedroom,  a lower connector piece that serves as mudroom/entry and a garage/guest wing.  The south facing roof is designed for solar and the house is super-insulated.  The super insulation allows us to heat the house with a few small ductless mini split units.  These are electric and provide heating and cooling.  The hot water heater is also a heat pump powered by electricity. By keeping all the loads electric, we are able to get to net-energy zero with electric producing photovoltaic panels.


Builder:  Kingsbury Homes Limited